Innovative Design from Intuitive Sculpture Artist Philip Hearsey

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When it comes to creating a thing of beauty, it requires more than just simple thought. Sculptor Philip Hearsey explains to Stephen Penn how he uses the power of nature and his own instinct to create his unique style of art.

The items we bring into our home have to strike a chord and evoke an emotion within us, but items of this caliber are few and far between. One man who has dedicated his career to creating art which balances being thought-provoking while remaining 'no frills' is Philip Hearsey.

With more than thirty years of experience in construction, interiors, furniture, design and architecture, Philip brings a natural talent and creative instinct to his unique sculpture work, which in turn creates a strong emotive connection for each individual who encounters it.


Recognised for his simple, elegant, honest and timeless design, without unnecessary detail or decoration, Philip creates bespoke sculptures which result from seeing, thinking and feeling, translated through making, instinct and touch.

Acanto II 618A"I don't engage in theories but have an instinctive urge to progress at my own pace and actually make things," says Philip. "My creations are often sparked by something I have seen, and I turn my visualisation into a 3-dimensional reality."

A strong connection with nature is a big part of Philip's process, preferring to work outdoors whenever possible.

"Beyond having open space and the practical considerations there is an overwhelming and direct connection with nature," Philip says. "Although I am still the wind blows, clouds move across the sky, rain falls, the sun shines and the landscape that surrounds me is constantly changing."

Outdoors is when Philip feels most connected and his work is influenced by the experience of being in the landscape rather than being inspired by looking at the beautiful views that abound in the border area of Herefordshire where he lives and works.

Once inspired, through the process of pattern making, looking, touching, altering, casting, refining, patinating, polishing, gilding, colour washing and finishing, Philip crafts striking sculptures from sand-cast bronze.

"The process directs simplicity and is itself simple, explains Philip. "The bonus is immediacy."

Every sculpture is individual and each is signed and uniquely numbered. Each has its own flaws and imperfections that are celebrated and add a profound beauty.

Chance and unexpected accidents play a big part meaning no two, purposely, are ever the same.

He also chooses the names of his pieces with care and a certain ambiguity – they are not intended to be prescriptive but to leave room for a spectator's own interpretation and to add their own story.

"What is in my head when I work is private and I don't share much about my thought process behind each creation", adds Philip. "This means that every individual piece has its very own meaning to whoever comes across it and that is completely personal."


Interview originally published on Abode2

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