Echoes of Entwinement

Many years ago I regularly drove from Cirencester to Swindon getting to know the road so well that the landscape features became old friends.


On one such journey, a small patch of woodland had been thinned revealing two willow trees whose trimmed shapes appeared to be entwined.


It is a shape that stayed with me waiting to be explored.

Just us two context 2

Just Us Two


Sometime later, I began to play with the form using resin or plaster cast, initially using balloons to form the shapes.

Sometimes it was just one shape, other times as many as five.

Some of those plaster casts were used as patterns to sand cast in bronze.

It was at this stage of experimentation that the metaphor emerged. In solid bronze, the connection between the two forms reflected the nature of human relationships.

Just Us Two” is a unique sculpture whereas “The Two of Us” is an edition of 8 variations, each being different.

The Two of Us

The Two of Us 6 of 8 The Two of Us 6 of 8 scaleThe Two of Us 1 of 8

Please do get in touch if you would like to see more views or find out more information and purchase options for any of these pieces.

Just Us Two is now sold. 

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