New Direction

Experimenting continues.

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Many of my pieces now feature more striking colours and contrasts using colour washes, paints and textures.

Direction II is a new edition of 5 one-off variations. Sand cast in solid bronze it sits on a slate base.

Each variation features completely unique colour variations. The colours are separated by a bronze edge. The red and orange finish on No 2 in the edition has a translucent golden spatter patination along the edge which is lacquered to protect the piece against touch and time.

Direction II is an upscaling of Direction. A commissioning client liked a piece from the Direction edition but it was a little small for the location they had in mind on a cruise ship. Direction II was made bigger and to specific dimensions that the client required and No 1 in the edition closely replicates the original piece in the Direction edition.

However, as with many commissions, I make two casts so that whatever accidents may happen I am sure of meeting dates. No 2 in the edition came about in this way but was not finished in reds and oranges until the commissioned blue version was complete and ready to go.


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