The Pleasure of Experimentation

Many of my larger sculptures are being displayed out of doors right now and others are in the finishing line.

Return 215 no 18It's a perfect time to do a little experimenting.

My Studio Series is where I get to test out different finishes and colours. All the pieces show the natural bronze I love so much combined with smooth finishes that are the perfect base for an array of colours and subtle variegation of texture, which is gaining increasing importance in my work.

Every piece has individual characteristics of texture and colour. Every piece is an exploration of experimentation and no two are ever the same.

I have also introduced a number of smaller sculptures with unique textures and colours, which are proving very popular.

Return (above) was sent out to the New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives, last week and has already made its way to a new home. The inside is completed with distressed gold leaf and the whole piece is a striking contrast to my work in "blues"

Experimentation with colour washes combined with patination as well as painted finishes is adding more complexity and depth to my body of work. Shayno (below) is a perfect example of this experimentation.

Shayno 635 E

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