Exploring Colour & Texture over Time

Lunar RollerbowlMy Studio series are an ongoing exploration of colour and texture. Working with the same shape over many years, each piece is a unique variation that reflects changing techniques, seasons and moods.

At this time of year, many pieces are bought as Christmas gifts. Indeed year round they are bought to mark special occasions and landmark events or simply because they bring so much pleasure to the owner.

Working with the same pattern the shape remains the same but each individual piece is uniquely finished. The series is not limited to a set number of pieces as no two are ever the same.

Every sculpture has unique characteristics and is signed and numbered to reflect the diversity and evidence of making by hand.

Tremenna III only make one or two at a time using whatever techniques and finishes are current. As a result, each sculpture has up to date one-off qualities that are never repeated as each piece takes on many changes.

I stop making a piece when I can add nothing more, for some reason it ceases to intrigue me or the pattern breaks. I specialise in using castings made in sand moulds. Although it has many advantages it does require a pattern that may be used time and again and is vulnerable to ordeals in the sand-casting foundry.

The Studio Series has been completely updated on my website featuring all currently available pieces.  


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