What's in a Name

Acanto II 618A

Titles sometimes give a clue to the inspiration behind a sculpture, at others times the title is obscure with little or nothing to do with a piece that has it's roots in an abstract idea. But at all times the ambiguity allows the spectator to form their own interpretation and add a new dimension to the work

There are currently five variations in the Acanto series, all of which are on my Facebook page. Asymmetry and free rotation on the base allows many different views to be chosen.

The uniting strand of each sculpture is the breaking of the patinated surface to expose the inherent beauty of natural bronze.

Always a little unpredictable patination is a mixture of control and chance but the transformation of the bronze surface is always magical.

All my sculptures start in sand moulds which imposes a degree of simplicity that is disciplinary and enriching.

Although I have concentrated on the purely material qualities of bronze capable of being wrought into a physical object it does have reproductive qualities. Sand can reproduce very fine textures that are beginning to find a place in my work. 

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